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What To Expect At A Meet

Swim meets are a great opportunity for the whole family to spend time together with the neighborhood. We generally swim against other neighborhoods nearby so you might even know some families from the opposing team.

There are seven meets during the summer season. The first meet is our mock meet and it is our practice meet, in which we will simulate a real meet. It is always scheduled prior to the first dual meet.  Having a mock meet is an opportunity for our first time swim team kids/parents to understand what an actual meet may entail. 

The other six meets are scheduled by the Tarheel Swimming Association (TSA) and can either be at home or away at neighboring pools.  Generally, they tend to last between 3-4 hours and occur on Tuesday evenings.  Swimmers should be at the pool no later than 4:45pm for home meets and no later than 5:15pm for away meets.  

Our team ranges from 50-75 swimmers. The pool deck and parking area can get quite crowded during a meet when you factor in the swimmers, parents, along with the other team’s swimmers and parents.  The crowded atmosphere makes it extremely important that your children stay with their kid pusher . It’s for their own safety!

What To Bring To A Meet

(Label all personal items)

  • Brookstone Team Swimsuit
  • Swim cap (must be a Brookstone cap)
  • Goggles(an extra pair just in case)
  • Towels(more than one is suggested)
  • Entertainment items to pass time; cards, games, toys etc.
  • Money for concessions


We cannot run a meet without our dedicated volunteers!  Each family will need to sign up for volunteer positions based on the number of swimmers on the team. For one swimmer, a family needs to sign up for 3 volunteer slots. For two swimmers, a family needs to sign up for 5 volunteer slots.  For three or more swimmers, a family needs to sign up for 6 volunteer slots. 

At any time if you feel lost or confused, ASK FOR HELP from the swim team coordinators or another volunteer.  Meets can be very overwhelming for the kids, parents, and coaches!  Once you have attended a few meets, it will all become very routine and enjoyable. 

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